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How do you join?

The 1st step is to complete a contact form expressing interest. From there you are added to our interest group and must apply for membership when we announce that we are inducting new members.


What do you all do?

We are a community service/social organization. We serve our communities based on their needs while building bonds as leaders.


What is an interest?

An interest is a person who has expressed their want to become a member of the organization. An interest IS NOT a member of the organization and does not have the same responsibilities of an active member.


What are the responsibilities of an interest?

As an interest you are expected to participate in the interest group discussions, interest meetings, meet and greets, and apply for membership when the time presents itself. You are also encouraged to show your leadership capabilities by volunteering when there are opportunities to help out. You may have to step outside of your comfort zone if you are more of an introvert or aren’t used to initiating conversation normally. Also being an interest you are showing us what type of member you will be. 


How long is our pledge process?

That information is not shared until you have applied for membership and accepted the invitation to pledge.


Where are you all located?

We have members in FL, NC, TN, GA and TX. But we have interests from all over the country. Location is not a problem as long as you live in the US.


What is the financial obligation?

There is no financial obligation as an interest, but as a member there are membership dues. Membership dues can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually. The amount of membership dues is disclosed in a full business meeting after membership induction.

Does Rho Phi Kappa accept stealth transmen?

No, we don't because we are a LGBTQ organization. If you do not identify as LGBTQ after transitioning unfortunately we cannot accept you as a member. 


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