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Welcome to our website! 

Rho Phi Kappa Fraternity, Inc. is a non-collegiate LGBTQ Greek Letter Organization for masculine of center (stud, dom, AG, butch, androgynous, gender-fluid, gender- queer, and transgender/trans-masculine) individuals. (****We DO NOT accept Stealth Transmen****) We are the Paragon of Imperial Masculine of Center Leaders. Our organization is built on hard work, community service, loyalty, love, spirituality, brotherhood, family, professionalism and transparency. Rho Phi Kappa Fraternity, Inc. vows to give masculine of center individuals a place to call home, a place for us to be our TRUE selves and a lifelong family!

Rho Phi Kappa Fraternity, Inc. does not permit hazing as a requirement for membership. Hazing is not consistent with the mission, purpose, or vision of Rho Phi Kappa Fraternity, Inc. and is in opposition to the founding principles of the organization. The organization will not tolerate hazing in any form.

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